Ted Keegan performing with The Phat Pack

“When traveling on the road in a show such as The Phantom of the Opera, one of the most difficult things is consistency of sound. You constantly have to keep checking to make sure you are not doing anything that is going to jeopardize being able to do 8 shows a week. And finding that consistency of sound is almost impossible, no matter how wonderful your sound person may be.

Now, we are working with QirraSound and the experience couldn't be greater. No matter where we are on stage or in the house, our ability to hear each other and blend is effortless. QirraSound lets us come in and do our job with consistency, clarity and joy.”

Ted Keegan - Former Phantom of the Opera, Member of The Phat Pack

QirraSound Speakers


We always want more bang for the buck. The Qirra Sound Pro-Audio series achieves that desire by providing high quality loudspeakers with complete linearity and extreme intelligibility over a frequency range from 12Hz to 50kHz. As a bonus, Qirra Sound adds extreme throw and impressive headroom to further enhance the uniqueness of the system.


Loudspeakers for Sonic Boom, Sound Quality, High Intensity Acoustics, plus other test and measurement applications. Using high amplitude ruggedized loudspeakers with complete linearity over the whole frequency range of 1Hz to 50kHz, Qirra Sound’s Industrial systems are an ideal choice when dependability and short time frames are key to critical measurement projects.


A Qirra Sound home system will take your breath away. Every time you press the activation buttons to bring your movies, your music, your karaoke, and your senses alive, nothing else in the known universe will matter. With embedded Smart-Genre-Sensibility™, play any type of music or movie and you’ll feel as if your Qirra Sound home system was designed specifically for that genre.

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